Psychic Medium, Spiritual Psychotherapist, ‘Reiki Master, Author and Founder of Amethyst Fox Attic


It is my pleasure to help you, help yourself. To bring you Comfort, Guidance, Support, and Healing… The Therapies that I’m able to offer you are of a Holistic and Metaphysical Nature.

The Healing Therapies range from

Psychic Mediumship Readings


Soul Coaching

Reiki Energy Healing

Crystal Healing.

I look forward to meeting you

Seen Maxine for Reiki, must say before I was half skeptical but open to it too. And after having a session with her, I’m glad I did, 100% rate her ~ Ashley 5 Stars

Had a reading with Maxine, she was spot on, on a lot of stuff she said, enjoyed it and will book
another in the future xx thankyou Maxine xxx ~ Lesley 5 Stars

Had a reading with Maxine recently, it was a really wonderful experience, would recommend her to anyone who is seeking guidance in their lives ~ Pareen

Maxine has been amazing and really helped me ~ Michael

5 stars ~ Kiran

Very impressed with Maxine she answered a lot of questions I needed answers for with dates
and names. Would recommend her to anyone ~ Olly

Amazing. Would recommend Maxine without any doubt ~ Frances 5 Stars

Had my first medium reading today with Maxine and everything she said was spot on. Everything
had a link. Thank you xxx ~ Hayley 5 Stars

Maxine is amazing, everything she told me was spot on. Totally blew me away, would
recommend to everyone x ~ Vicky 5 Stars

I had a fantastic reading with Maxine, I would highly recommend her x ~ Emma 5 Stars

Thankyou Maxine for a reading full of evidence from my loved ones that have passed over &
exciting things to look forward to in the future x ~ Sandra

Once again Maxine has been accurate with my Reading can highly recommend her x ~ Jan

I had a Medium Reading from Maxine . she was brilliant at giving me peace speaking to my dad.
She was very clear and considerate. It was impressive ~ Sunil

Had a great Reading today with Maxine. My mum came through, so lovely to be able to talk to her for such a long time. Thank you so much Maxine xxxx ~ Sandra

5 Stars ~ Sammy

Had a fantastic reading with Maxine. 100% recommend xxxx ~ Nicola 5 Stars

Maxine is amazing. I recommend to everyone. she is kind, professional, and spot on!!! Very
gifted!!! Xxxxxx ~ Danielle 5 Stars

Felt really comfortable around her and she was brilliant! Would highly recommend her to
everyone 🙂 ~ Nicole 5 Stars

Thank you so much for today. I’m so overwhelmed and was such a good reading, thank you very much xx ~ Anon

Thank you so much for today. Really has opened my eyes and helped me think what i need to do xxx ~ Shanice

Hi Maxine, just wanted to thank you for giving my mum in law an amazing reading! She was so
impressed with you xxx ~ Claire

Thank you so much for your reading today, I’ve left feeling very content and happy with
everything that come through for me. Have already recommended you, thanks again x ~ Anon

Maxine, thank you so much for the reading yesterday. I’m still processing the info, you were so precise with what’s going on. Great sense of relief after leaving you. Thanks again ~ Sonia

Wow…Wow…Wow I had some Spiritual Healing today off the lovely Maxine… My first time and it
has left me feeling AMAZING… I feel so less stressed, I feel relaxed and nice, thank you ~ Dee

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About Amethyst Fox Attic

The Amethyst Fox Attic Brand was created as I loved the idea of being able to reach out to more people on a wider scale. My mission is to bring all of these elements into little packages of Self Awareness which leads to Self Empowerment, Peace and Joy.

We will be incorporating Mental Health and Holistic Well-Being products, alongside all things Mystical…

I’d love you to join me on the journey… You never know who YOU may find…

What Will You Discover… In The Attic.

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Soul Coaching is about aligning your inner Spiritual life with your outer Spiritual life. It is to acknowledge that your Soul, your Higher Self knows the answers. It is about clearing out inner debris so you can discover your own inner wisdom.