Psychic Mediumship

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring anything with me?

There is no need to bring anything with you, however some people do like to bring a photo or a personal item belonging to the loved one that they would like to connect with.

Is there anything to be scared of?

Absolutely not. Maxine endeavours to put you at ease straight away.

Do I need to prepare myself beforehand?

If there are specific questions you feel you need to answers to, then it can be a good idea to write these down so you don’t forget to ask them on the day. (Most if not all questions get answered without you asking as spirit know the reason for your visit).
All that Maxine asks is that you come with an open heart and an open mind.

I had my first Crystal Healing with Maxine on Thursday and it’s been four days now and I’m still feeling amazing!! I was carrying around a lot of bad energy. I literally felt Maxine clear it… Literally felt like it was rushing out of the top of my head!! I’ve felt so much like my old me and feel I’ve been centered. I met with my boyfriend that evening and he remarked that I was glowing and seemed like my old self… I feel I had been missing for a while… Thank you, Maxine, for bringing me back! I highly recommend and I’ll be back!! x x x x ~ Natalie 5 Stars 

Maxine is lovely and great at what she does, within a moment of her starting my 16 month old boy relaxed and fell asleep in my arms for the duration of the treatment. I definitely needed a top up and a relaxing break too. It helped immensely as the following nights sleep were great. Thankyou Maxine, we’ll come again should we need a good sleep ~ Tamara

Had Reiki with Maxine today. What a wonderful feeling, all sorts of sensations, white light, heat, tingling. Deeply relaxing, came away feeling optimistic and without my constant tug of anxiety. you truly have a gift, will be booking again very soon. Thankyou x ~ Emma 5 Stars 


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