Happy words from my clients

Thank you so much for your reading today, I’ve left feeling very content and happy with everything that come through for me. Have already recommended you, thanks again x


I had a reading done with Maxine and I must say I was shocked how many things she knew. It was very nice to hear some advice. Maxine even describe how my nan looks it was incredible


Had my first medium reading today with Maxine and everything she said was spot on. Everything had a link. Thank you xxx


I have not had a reading in years so I was very sceptical about someone completely new, however Maxine was so calm and welcoming and made me feel at ease. She picked up things that were significant to me without me having to say a word


Had Reiki with Maxine today. What a wonderful feeling, all sorts of sensations, white light, heat, tingling. Deeply relaxing, came away feeling optimistic and without my constant tug of anxiety. you truly have a gift, will be booking again very soon. Thankyou x


Had an amazing Crystal Healing session with Maxine this evening, the power of healing from Maxine’s hands was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before! It was so relaxing and I feel great, definitely going to have a lovely sleep tonight, thankyou


Seen Maxine for Reiki, must say before I was half sceptical but open to it too. And after having a session with her, I’m glad I did, and will definitely be going back for more. 100% rate her, thanks again


Thank you so much for today. Really has opened my eyes and helped me think what i need to do xxx


Maxine is lovely and great at what she does, within a moment of her starting my 16 month old boy relaxed and fell asleep in my arms for the duration of the treatment. I definitely needed a top up and a relaxing break too. It helped immensely as the following nights sleep were great. Thank you Maxine, we’ll come again should we need a good sleep


Maxine is amazing, everything she told me was spot on. Totally blew me away, would recommend to everyone x


Had a reading with Maxine, what she told me was accurate, things nobody knew only me and a particular name popped up. I was told specific news was coming and a week later it did. Would highly recommend


Maxine is exceptional! Had many readings over the years but can honestly say hers has to be the best. She told me personal information and sentimental things that were impossible for anyone else to know. she brought great comfort to me xx


Maxine’s reading was incredibly accurate.There were so many details that she couldn’t have known or guessed. I have left with a sense of relief & peace having received answers around an upsetting & complex issue. I’ll be eternally grateful


Had a reading with Maxine, what she told me was accurate, things nobody knew only me and a particular name popped up. I was told specific news was coming and a week later it did. Would highly recommend


I had amazing Reiki Healing. I feel so relaxed and had the best sleep in what feels like a long time. Still feeling affects now over 34hrs later. I would recommend Maxine to anyone asking about Healing


Felt really comfortable around her and she was brilliant! Would highly recommend her to everyone 🙂


I’ve seen Maxine for the Mediumship service and was really happy as I’ve never been to this kind of thing before. I was a bit sceptical but was pleasantly surprised. Maxine was very welcoming and very good. I would highly recommend


Thank you so much for today. I’m so overwhelmed and was such a good reading, thank you very much xx


Maxine had done a one to one reading before and was accurate in all ways, today she done one through facebook. She messaged me and said she had my ex husband with her. What made it really special was he came through to her on my birthday


Thanks so much for yesterday. I woke up this am a lot more positive, more energy & less dizzy. So had a really good day xx


Hi Maxine, just wanted to thank you for giving my mum in law an amazing reading! She was so impressed with you xxx


Wow…Wow…Wow I had some Spiritual Healing today off the lovely Maxine… My first time and it has left me feeling AMAZING… I feel so less stressed, I feel relaxed and nice, thankyou


Maxine, thank you so much for the reading yesterday. I’m still processing the info, you were so precise with what’s going on. Great sense of relief after leaving you. Thanks again


I had the Reiki Healing. I feel so relaxed and had the best sleep. I would recommend Maxine to anyone asking about Healing xx


I saw Maxine a month ago & had a really positive experience. She was able to communicate with 2 members of my family that have passed & a lot of what she said made sense. Some things have been more clear recently and she has been very accurate


Maxine is amazing. I recommend to everyone. she is kind, professional, and spot on!!! Very gifted!!! Xxxxxx


Once again Maxine has been accurate with my Reading can highly recommend her


I had a fantastic reading with Maxine, I would highly recommend her x


Had a fantastic reading with Maxine. 100% recommend xxxx


Very impressed with Maxine she answered a lot of questions I needed answers for with dates and names. Would recommend her to anyone


Been to see Maxine twice now for the Mediumship, after the first time I knew it was for real, a lot of unanswered questions and comfort, highly recommend, thankyou


Had my first Reiki with Maxine today and feel absolutely amazing. Have been so low of late but it was like I could feel it all being lifted. Thank you so much, highly recommend and will most definitely be back


Thankyou Maxine for a reading full of evidence from my loved ones that have passed over & exciting things to look forward to in the future


From the moment I booked my reading with Maxine I felt an instant connection with her. When we met Maxine told me my reasons for visiting her & opened up a dialogue of what I wanted to unpack. an absolutely charming, compassionate


I had my first Healing session with Maxine on Saturday and I’ve never tried anything like this before and honestly I felt very light, my chest was not as heavy. Not sure how I’m doing but I feel more positive. thank you honey.


I had a Medium Reading from Maxine . she was brilliant at giving me peace speaking to my dad. She was very clear and considerate. It was impressive


I had a great Reading today with Maxine. My mum came through, so lovely to be able to talk to her for such a long time. Thank you so much Maxine xxxx


Amazing. Would recommend Maxine without any doubt


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