Amethyst fox Attic® raising money for Healing Retreats for those affected by domestic violence.


The SHE HAS RISEN® FOUNDATION is a Global Organisation which invokes Holistic Well-Being Practitioners and Self Defence and Martial Arts Teachers, to volunteer their help and share their talents at weekly, or fortnightly retreats at our Healing Sanctuary. Working alongside certain charities to help support those in need of Refuge and Healing from domestic abuse. Women, Men, LGBTQ+ and Children. Funded by the SHE HAS RISEN® brand and Amethyst Fox Attic®

SHE HAS RISEN® FOUNDATION looking for volunteers for our community.

 Would You Like To Join Our Community Of Volunteers?

How would you like to enjoy a week or two week Retreat for Free?!  All that we ask is that you offer your services for Free to our clients, and in return you receive Free accomodation, food and beverages! Whilst you’re with us you’re welcome to join in other groups or classes, and depending on how long your stay is, you will have two full days off a week to explore where our retreat is located! Sounds good right?!

We’re looking for volunteers to help at our Healing Retreats so if you’re trained in Martial Arts or Self Defence. Tantra, an Art Therapist or Horse Riding Instructor. Yoga Teacher, Surf Instructor or Sound Healing Practitioner. Counsellor, Reiki Master or Life Coach. Crystal Healing Therapist, Medicine Man or any other Holistic Well-Being Practitioner then please get in touch for more information, or to register and join our SHE HAS RISEN® community of volunteers, we need you!

Email us at

Crying boy. Domestic violence. SHE HAS RISEN® Photo by Kat J on Unsplash


Have You Been Affected By Domestic Violence?

If you or your child have been affected by domestic abuse and you would like more information about our retreats, or if you’re interested in attending one, then please send an Email to We would love to hear from you!

Please note all clients attending our Healing Refuge and Retreats do so at no cost to themselves. We are committed to helping all of you who apply!

Peace and Blessings,


Founder of

Amethyst Fox Attic®