How I Can Help You

I pride myself in being knowledgeable across a number of therapies.  I combine spiritual health and mental health to support my clients achieve resulths they desire

The various Holistic Therapies can be booked together, for one session. For example, If you are experiencing Anxiety then you may feel that you need to have some Counselling sessions. Alongside these Counselling sessions, Maxine will work intuitively with you and suggest some other Therapies that would be complementary to the Counselling that you are already receiving or that you are about to receive

Love yourself first so you know what you deserve…

If Maxine feels that it would be beneficial for you to receive some Energy Healing as well, and Energy Healing is something that you would like to experience, then this Therapy can be added on to your Counselling session. Maxine can also advise you on what Crystals, Essential Oils, Colours, Sounds, and Healing Herbal remedies to use, to help ease the anxiety you are experiencing. If you are interested in the Holistic approach to improving your Well-Being then the various Holistic Healing Therapies can be utilized to achieve the desired result for the client. Maxine not only works Integratively in Counselling & Psychotherapy but in all the Therapies that she offers, to offer you a complete Holistic Healing experience. Empowering you to achieve love for yourself, in Mind, Body, and Soul…

If you book a block of Reiki or Crystal Healing sessions you will receive one free.

Frequently Asked Questions


In the counselling sessions will you be able to give me advice?

I’m not able to give you advice, tell you what to do or judge you in any way. The goal of counselling is for you to come to your own decision/s as only you know how you really feel within a situation/s.

Can I refer someone for counselling?

Although you may be worried about a loved one or a friend’s well-being, it is recommended that the person in question reaches out for support by themselves, as they need to feel ready for therapy. This is the reason I’m only able to accept self referrals.

What will happen at my initial counselling session?

You may feel nervous leading up to the session. I endeavour to put you at ease straight away. I will ask you questions to help me understand the reason for you feeling that you need counselling. You are also able to ask any questions you may have. We will negotiate a contract between us. This is the basis of our work together and may include…



*Ethical Standards

*Policies and Procedures


*Missed Sessions



Do I need to be scared of anything? I’m feeling nervous...

Absolutely not. Your loved ones and spirit are there to guide you and give you closure. Peace and joy. We will put you at ease straight away.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

It’s not necessary for you to bring anything with you,  such as a photo or piece of jewellery unless you feel you need to have it with you. If you do bring something with you, on the odd occasion we can use it for psychometry.

How can I prepare for a reading?

Come with an open mind and an open heart. Write down any questions you may have as it’s easy to forget once we are in the session. A good night’s sleep and faith.

I had a wonderful reading with Maxine. I was quite nervous when I met her but she put me at ease being friendly, professional and down to earth. I had such an amazing reading. Maxine is truly talented and said such things about my loved ones that were so accurate including things I had forgotten about for years that only I or family would know, which has brought me so much comfort. So amazed. I would highly recommend. Thanks Maxine x ~ Georgina 5 Stars

I had my first Crystal Healing with Maxine on Thursday and it’s been four days now and I’m still feeling amazing!! I was carrying around a lot of bad energy. I literally felt Maxine clear it… Literally felt like it was rushing out of the top of my head!! I’ve felt so much like my old me and feel I’ve been centered. I met with my boyfriend that evening and he remarked that I was glowing and seemed like my old self… I feel I had been missing for a while… Thank you, Maxine, for bringing me back! I highly recommend and I’ll be back!! x x x x ~ Natalie 5 Stars 

Maxine is lovely and great at what she does, within a moment of her starting my 16 month old boy relaxed and fell asleep in my arms for the duration of the treatment. I definitely needed a top up and a relaxing break too. It helped immensely as the following nights sleep were great. Thankyou Maxine, we’ll come again should we need a good sleep ~ Tamara

Had Reiki with Maxine today. What a wonderful feeling, all sorts of sensations, white light, heat, tingling. Deeply relaxing, came away feeling optimistic and without my constant tug of anxiety. you truly have a gift, will be booking again very soon. Thankyou x ~ Emma 5 Stars