I’ve always believed in spirit and known that when we die we cross over to the other side’. I remember at the age of twenty wanting to go to the local spiritual church, but I was too scared to at the same time! Lol… It wasn’t until 2015 that ‘I was ready’. When I say ready, I mean that is when spirit chose to ‘Awaken’ me. Some of you may of heard about an ‘awakening’ some of you may have not. For those of you that haven’t, I’m only able to describe it as the most amazing, bewildering, surreal, beautiful thing, I’m very fortunate to have happened to me. Believe me, when spirit want to get your attention, they will! It all started with seeing repetitive numbers, 69% battery on my phone was the first thing, so much so I had to google what it meant. It was, in numerology, an angel number, to do with ‘lightworking’ and ‘awakening’. There was also lots of white feathers in places no ‘bird’ could have got, I’ve never had a bird in my car boot! One of my late clients Lesley gave me an angel card reading and I’d picked the ‘lightworker’ card. I remember saying to her ‘what does that mean? I’m a lazy worker’ lol… which she replied ‘no (lol) you can do this…’, meaning spiritual work. Lesley told me about the spiritual 

church she went to, and for that I’m forever grateful, as it was then, on Saturday 29th August 2015 after I had been to the spiritual church, that my life changed forever… 

The image above really helps me tell my story… 

I went to sleep that night and had what is known as a ‘lucid dream’ where I ‘astral projected’. I remember seeing the most beautiful vision of white and gold light and a hand coming down from above, I sat up and I was given a clear crystal. I can still feel it in my hand now… I laid back down, all the time I was aware I was thinking… ‘wow, this is beautiful, is this god or is this an angel?’ (Just for the record, I don’t believe in god, I believe in energy, but we’ll get to that in other posts). Then the light sort of slowly evaporated. After this, from above, but in another corner of my bedroom, the gold and white light came down once again, but this time hundreds of white butterflies in a spiral were swirling around. Again I was aware of my thinking, ‘wow, I’ve never seen anything so peaceful and angelic’… once the butterflies had gone I remember physically sitting up in my bed and I knew it was not a ‘dream’ it was real… The next day I remember walking round and round in circles, in my lounge thinking… ‘that’s it I’ve gone crazy’ lol… However anyone who has been fortunate enough to have had an ‘awakening’ will tell you, it’s anything but crazy. It is real. It is unexplainable. It is a phenomenon, and it is something I am eternally grateful to spirit for, and it is because of this that I am humbled to be an ambassador for spirit and l will do my best to serve them well…. x x x 

(p.s) If anyone has had any similar experiences I’d love to hear them..

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