This blog post is an expert of my published article on Elephant journal 1st August 2019 and is linked below.

I was inspired to write this article to share my experience and knowledge of a lesson learned. Why? Because I’m not alone with having this lesson in my life. It took me time to realise that, and although it was challenging I taught myself how to embrace the teachings in this lesson and use it to empower and create change.

“It took a lot of years for me to finally realise, that until I learnt the lesson, the lesson would keep showing up, that’s just how the universe works.”

Have you ever avoided dealing with something and it kept coming into your life even though you consciously avoid it?

“And that the same lesson, just has a different face… Have you noticed that…?”

“If you have, what has been the lesson…?  The lessons for all of us of course will be different, as we are all on different paths. Nevertheless the path for all of us is one where the goal is to have grown and evolved into the best version of our TRUE selves.”

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I’d love for you to come back and share your lessons.

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