Amethyst crystal has amazing healing properties… It enhances physical vitality, especially after Chemotherapy, Radiation, or Pharmaceutical treatments. It’s an energising healer on a physical level because it can strengthen the Adrenal glands, the Reproductive organs, and the Heart. 

Emotionally Amethyst is used in crystal healing to help heal personal losses and grief, bringing one gently past painful experiences. 

For love and relationships…Amethyst can help you restore what was lost and rekindle the passion that has been missing. It will get rid of grief, despair, anger or defeat. It will soothe emotional wounds and alleviate the pain that comes with emotional trauma. 

Because Amethyst has a wonderful effect on the mind, place somewhere you work or by your bed if that’s where you do a lot of your thinking before you go to sleep, for over thinkers it will help calm your mind, allowing you a good night’s sleep. 

Amethyst is linked to your crown chakra and is great if you suffer with headaches too… 

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